Beautiful Green Spaces for Picnics in Nairobi

December 29, 2021 By Diyandearn 0

By now, I’m sure you must know that I love a good picnic. There’s just something that appeals to me about sitting outside on a beautiful day, enjoying a lovely spread and spending time with yourself or loved ones in one of the picnic spots in Nairobi. One of the things I love about living here is the presence of green spaces for picnics the city has.

In this post, I’ll share 5 of the best picnic spots in Nairobi that I have visited so far. Keep in mind that there are several more to be explored in Nairobi and Kenya in general. So, this post will not be the last of its kind…

I intend to incorporate a picnic, whenever I can, in the places that I visit here. And as I do, I’ll be sharing all the details, as usual, to help you plan your outdoor picnics in the city. So, let’s get on to the list!

1. Picnic Spots in Nairobi – Ngong Hills

First up is Ngong Hills. Even though this list is not in any particular order, I think Ngong Hills is very deserving of the first mention. Chances are that if you googled ‘places to visit in Nairobi’, Ngong Hills will be on every result. It is a great outdoor space to hang out and to have a good picnic.

Ngong Hills
Ngong Hills for DogsNgong Hills HikingNgong Hills Nairobi

During our outing to Ngong Hills, we arrived quite early on a Sunday morning and the crowd was sparse. We found a nice spot to lay claim of and enjoyed a very serene morning. If you do plan to picnic at Ngong Hills, here are some tips to help you have a pleasant time there.

  • Be aware of debris and broken glasses around. Pick a spot a little further away from the main pathways
  • Remember to take everything you bring back out with you. Carry a trash bag to clean up after your picnic
  • Ngong Hills can get very cold and windy. Warm clothes and a windbreaker are items you must have!
  • Details of entrance fees here

2. Karura Forest

Karura Forest is also another green space where you can have a lovely picnic in Nairobi. The forest is quite large and can be accessed through multiple gates around the city. I believe the most popular gate is the one on Limuru road and that has a picnic area that gets more visitors than any others. We usually visit through the Sigiria gate as it is the one closest to us.

Karura Forest Picnic Area
Karura Forest NairobiKarura-Forest-Picnic-Nairobi-Kenya

I rarely ever see people use the picnic spot here but it is a good option for picnic goers. If you decide to visit, you’ll find the picnic area next to the cafe and the obstacle course as soon as you pass through the gates. It is not marked at this time, but you’d see some picnic benches which will indicate that you’re in the right place.

You can find the details of the entrance fees here.

3. Nairobi Arboretum

The Nairobi Arboretum is another park located in the heart of the city of Nairobi. Due to its proximity and a relatively favourable entrance fee, this park tends to get crowded, especially on the weekends.

Nairobi Arboretum photos
Nairobi Arboretum Picnic

If you aren’t bothered by noise or the crowd, you can simply set up anywhere to have your picnic. However, if you much rather prefer something quieter, you may consider other options on this list or visit during off-peak hours in the mornings and on weekdays.

4. Paradise Lost

Depending on where you are in the city, Paradise Lost is a little on the outskirts of the city but it is certainly one of the best picnic spots in Nairobi.

Paradise Lost Kiambu
Paradise Lost WaterfallsPicnic at Paradise Lost

This place is also quite popular and tends to get crowded during the day. Like the Nairobi Arboretum, if you want to enjoy a quiet outing, you’ll have to visit during the off-peak hours. Mid mornings are perfect.

5. A Backyard/Front Yard Picnic

Last but not least, my favourite picnic is one you can have in the comfort of your home! I love this simply because you can be elaborate with the setup, after all, the logistics are much easier and there are no extra entrance fees :)! Many of the places we looked to rent here (including apartments) had some form of garden space or green area for picnics.

Picnic spots in Nairobi